Ponowa - biuro polowań

Welcome all hunters and hunting enthusiasts.


Ponowa Hunt Agency is run by an experienced hunter, who started his hunting began in the 70′s in the family with the traditions of hunting. In developing its deep-rooted passion for his studies at the Technical forestry in Goray, in 1983 he joined the ranks of the Polish Hunting Association. Multigenerational, family tradition of hunting contributed to the fact that hunting has become a family passion, so that the professional approach of the well-known hunting and expectations of each hunter going to a fishery.


Ponowa Hunt Agency facilitates their participation in hunting in various parts of the country, which gives the opportunity to learn about different cultures, customs and traditions of hunting and the dream win trophies. The experience gained during many years of work in the forest divisions of the Cross and Oborniki and their functions on the boards of hunting clubs contributed to the widening circle of partners in the country and abroad (mainly countries of Western Europe and Scandinavia), and ensure high quality services and professional service to both wheels as well as foreign contractors and domestic.

The company is located in the heart of Wielkopolska, in a picturesque village situated in the district of Poznań Mrowino.

We invite you to cooperation.

Grzegorz Michalak