Hunting in Poland

Hunting in Poland

Individual hunting in Poland takes place only on hunting grounds. They take place during a specified period of hunting. Specific departure periods for hunting game are set. They vary depending on the species and type. For example, hunts for stags in Poland take place from August to the end of February, but can be hunted from September to January 15. Hunting schedule is an important determinant of hunting planning.

Individual hunting in Poland can take place either from stalking, sitting down or from a driveway. We encourage all interested hunters to contact us. In response, we will send you a prepared offer taking into account the hunting area, a detailed description of the fishery together with the proposed date of arrival. Deciding to hunt, the hunter pays the agreed advance payment (advance payment). Our hunting office is appointed by the hunter’s guardian who watches over the course of the hunt.

Wild board hunting

One of the most popular hunting are wild boars. Hunting for wild boars, felling, sails, dungeons and weaners takes place throughout the year. During the hunt, the hunter is accompanied by a pilot and a professional guide who indicates the game to be shot. During the hunt we guarantee at least a few exits. We can extend the length of wild hunting for a few days at your request. We offer several hunting grounds that will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Hunting offer

sarna, cuckold – May, July – August (rut)
deer, bull – September (rut)
daniel, bull – October (rut)
mouflon – October – February
wild ducks – August – December
wild geese – September – January
pheasants – October – February

No trophic game:
roe – goat
roe – kid
deer – doe
deer – calf
daniel – doe
daniel – calf
mouflon – sheep
mouflon – lamb