Group hunting 2019/2020

Pokot from a foreign exchange hunt near Nowy Tomyśl – November 2019. Bull, deer, body and 30 wild boar.

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Hunt! Let’s learn hunting from each other!

In hunting circles both in Poland and abroad, the so-called foreign exchange hunt, practiced mainly in the Eastern Bloc countries, arouses controversy. The concept of foreign exchange hunting A foreign…

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Another adventure with Africa

Lion hunt – Kalahari South Africa/BOTSWANA. In the picture with my friend Karol, to whom the bush was very special.

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Hunting 2019

Deer- bull shot during a roaring ground – September 2019 – irregular double-twenty, wreath weight 11.8 kg

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First adventure with Africa

My first safari in Africa on which I acquired – impala (on the photo), kudu, oryx, blue wildebeest and warthog – South Africa 2008

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